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At Langage AD, we convert food waste into biomethane to produce heat and electricity

Langage AD is an Anaerobic Digestion plant built by Langage Farm - the historic farmstead and the Dairy Products business specialising in high quality dairy products made from Devon-reared Jersey cows.

As an innovative way to secure fertility of the farm soils and provide a reliable source of electrical and thermal energy to the dairy products factory, Langage Farm invested in anaerobic digestion (AD) as a means to create a truly closed-loop system of resources between its three businesses.

Anaerobic Digestion uses bacteria to break down organic matter into a methane rich gas. Production waste from the dairy products factory, and food waste from local businesses such as schools and restaurants is utilised as feedstock for the AD plant. The AD plant produces electricity and heat for use in the dairy products factory, and residual biofertiliser is applied to the farmland to grow forage for the Jersey Herd. The milk returns to the products factory for processing and the cycle begins again. Any surplus electricity generated is exported to the National Grid - Langage AD can power up to 500 households!

Langage AD uses technology supplied by Fitec GmbH

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