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Farmers enjoy higher yields and significant savings when using Langage AD's PAS110 Biofertiliser

What is Biofertiliser?

Langage AD PAS110 Biofertiliser is a complete liquid fertiliser containing a cost-effective source of N-P-K-S for the agricultural market, that also offers a host of additional benefits not found in a traditional manufactured fertiliser.  For an up to date analysis of the nutrient content, please get in touch


Biofertiliser doesn't work like a compost or slurry - the majority of nutrients within are in 'plant-available' form, meaning a fast plant uptake -  like when using bagged soluble fertilisers. 

Biofertiliser contains many trace-elements important for soil health and crop quality, such as Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese and Boron, that you otherwise wouldn't apply to your soil and are typically supplied as expensive foliar sprays to correct crop deficiencies. 


Biofertiliser also has a high pH and contains bicarbonate - this significantly reduces the acidification caused by nitrogen application on the soil - our data shows fields receiving 3 applications per year of only Biofertiliser saw no change in soil pH over 5 years. No need for expensive and time consuming liming!

What is 'BSI PAS110'?

PAS110 is a 'Publicly Available Specification', a British Standard demonstrating the quality of a product. This certification ensures any Biofertiliser product from Langage will be;

  • Safe and beneficial to soil and crops

  • Totally free from contaminants such as plastics, metal or chemicals

  • Compliant with all Environmental and Animal Health legislation

  • Comes with declared nutrient contents and agronomist application advice

For more information on the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme, please click here


Want to compare the costs?
Applying up to 10 tonnes of Biofertiliser per acre will provide the
NPKS requirements for a high quality grass silage crop or grazing fodder. 

As a rule of thumb, 50 tonnes of biofertiliser is equal in nutrient value to 1 tonne of NPK 20:10:10 bagged fertiliser, typically costing around £220* (*early 2017 national price)


Langage AD Biofertiliser is priced at £3.00 per tonne (220 gallons) at the gate.

If you require them, Langage AD also work closely with local agricultural contractors and hauliers to ensure our customers get the best prices and field work is done to the highest quality. We are happy to arrange these services for you. 

All field spreading is done using low-level application techniques to ensure nutrient loses are minimal and your crop receives the full application required for the best yield possible.

Tanker Hire

Want to apply Biofertiliser yourself, but need a suitable low-level applicator and tanker? Langage AD have a 2600gallon (11.5t) tanker with 6m dribble bar applicator and a 3100gallon (14t) with 7.5m dribble bar applicator available for hire at very reasonable rates - Get in touch for more information!

Free Soil Sampling!

If you are considering using Langage AD Biofertiliser on 20acres or more of ground, we will soil sample those fields and share the results with you, completely free of charge! Our FACTS trained agronomist can the discuss the results with you, calculating how best to use biofertiliser along with any other nutrient source you may have, such as slurry or dung.

I would like some Biofertiliser please..what do I do now?

Best way is to give us a call on 01752 691943! 

Alternatively please fill in the contact box below and we shall get back to you as soon as we can. Please provide a little information, such as;

  • Name and contact details

  • Address or postcode of farm or spreading fields

  • Acreage to be fertilised and crop type

Langage AD Tanker and Dribble Bar Applicator

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