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At Langage AD we accept a range of organic and food wastes - Get in touch with us for a quote! 

For detailed information on what waste we accept, how to deliver to Langage AD and to setup an account,

click here for our 'New Customer Information' Pack

Zero to Landfill

Langage AD specialise in removal of contaminants often found in food waste, such as plastics and card. By choosing Langage AD to dispose of your waste, you can be assured none of your waste will end up in a landfill. Through careful processing of these contaminants, Langage AD can produce a clean resource for further recycling or energy recovery. ​

Waste Welcome!

At Langage AD we can accommodate for every vehicle size, from kerbside collection carts to 44-tonne artic tankers and tippers. We also provide weighbridge and vehicle cleaning facilities on site

Small waste producer?

Langage AD work closely with a number of excellent waste collection companies with dedicated services for collecting food and other recycling from small businesses all across the region. 

Give them a call to ensure your waste is used in anaerobic digestion!

Quality Products

Not only does Langage AD recycle your waste into beneficial heat and electricity for the National grid, we also produce a BSI PAS110 Quality Certified Biofertiliser Product. This product certification ensures your waste is processed to the highest standards, guaranteeing a safe and useful product is returned to farmland, successfully 'closing the loop' for food production. 

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